Top 6 Towns to Visit in Sri Lanka in your next visit in Sri Lanka

With charming streets and the vast Indian Ocean close by, Galle is a must visit town in Sri Lanka. A destination that can be considered as a colonial time capsule, it is graced by majestic Dutch-era mansions and other captivating colonial structures. The town’s highlight is the Dutch Fort which stands tall, bordering the mesmerizing ocean. Chic restaurants, cafes and shops are located within the Fort.Read More

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7 ways to experience the best of Sri Lanka

Being a city rich in old world charm, Galle is one of the must visit destinations in Sri Lanka. Having served as a trading post back in the day, it was under the rule of the Portuguese, English and Dutch. Dotted with boutiques, churches, warehouses and exquisite homes, the city is renowned for its coastal charm. Its main attraction is the Fort which is ideal for a leisurely walk or a bike ride.Read More