Being a renowned tourist destination blessed with an enchanting landscape and a rich historical and cultural heritage, Sri Lanka grants a myriad of travel experiences. Whether you are a nature lover or a history buff, there are diverse experiences to suit your preference.

A visit to the region of sapphires

Renowned the world over for its high-quality precious stones, Sri Lanka offers the opportunity for you to witness how these are discovered. Around 50 miles from Colombo, near the town of Eheliyagoda, the depths of the Ellawala River are where stunning aquamarines, garnets, rubies and blue sapphires are found. You can witness how people use a woven cane basket to sift water by hand in search of these precious stones. What is even better is that, you also get the opportunity to try your hand at this.

Explore the roots of Lipton

It is in Haputale, in the hill country of Sri Lanka that the Ceylon tea company of Sir Thomas Lipton is located. Tea plantations were first introduced to this region by a Scottish entrepreneur in 1890. You can take a day tour to this region and even try your hand at plucking tea leaves from bushes and end your day enjoying a delicious cup of tea amidst the spectacular hill-side scenery.

Touring the Cultural Triangle

Consisting of Sri Lanka’s north central towns: Dambulla, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, the Cultural Triangle is where you can explore intriguing archeological ruins that offer a glimpse into the rich historical heritage of the country. Home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, this attraction is essentially a collection of sites that reflect the prosperity of civilizations developed by Sri Lanka’s kings back in the day.

A visit to the Temple of the Tooth

Gracing the charming city of Kandy, the Temple of the Tooth houses the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha. Visited by hundreds of devotees daily, it is a place that offers a sense of serenity quite like any other place. Your visit should also include a tour of the city of Kandy, which itself boasts a unique cultural and historical heritage.

Ascending Adam’s Peak

A magnificent mountain where a sacred footprint can be seen at the summit, Adam’s Peak offers breathtaking vistas of the central part of Sri Lanka. The walk up the mountain itself is an exciting experience with so much scenery to marvel at along the way.

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